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Resolving Quiet Title Matters Expediently

Your need for experienced counsel to protect your interests in Florida property may have come about in any of a number of ways. You may be trying to buy a home, condominium or other property and rightfully want to ensure that transaction will be seamless and solid. You may have run into problems trying to sell property that you inherited or otherwise have every reason to believe you own. In some cases, property owners are shocked by various forms of notice that others have liens on their property, water rights or other interests.

Addressing All Title-Related Concerns With Knowledge, Skill And Determination

Rigor and diligence in title work suffered greatly during the real estate boom. The practices of unscrupulous lenders and other profit-focused parties in the volatile period that followed made that situation worse. Simply stated, we believe it is more important than ever before to work with a focused, qualified lawyer on any high-value real estate matter.

Attorney Jeff Riddell is certified as a specialist in real estate law by The Florida Bar. We are dedicated to protecting each client’s interests and guiding them through the steps required to solidify ownership rights. We have decades of experience filing successful quiet title actions grounded in impeccable research, removing “clouds on title,” and providing those we serve with the peace of mind and flexibility they deserve. We emphasize:

  • Obtaining assurance that all existing or possible claimants to land are named in a well-prepared quiet title lawsuit, and that this suit is properly served in the appropriate court
  • Securing detailed judgments that protect our clients from future claims and encumbrances to the greatest extent possible

Title Dispute Attorneys With A Track Record Of Success For Our Clients

Our full-service real estate team includes Sarasota quiet title action attorneys who will pursue your goals energetically and keep you informed. To talk through your concerns and objectives with a knowledgeable professional ready to help right away, contact us by calling 941-366-1300 or by email. We have offices in Sarasota, Venice, and Lakewood Ranch, Florida.