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Build A Solid Foundation With Your Will

What are your wishes for your property after your death? Would you like your estate to go to family members, friends or your favorite charities? The majority of estate plans, big or small, designate a variety of individuals and entities to inherit the property of the deceased. These designations are legal through their inclusion in a will.

A Will Is Essential

A will is the foundation of an estate plan. In addition to ensuring that you have a will in place, you want to make sure that you have an experienced attorney that thoroughly understands state inheritance law and knows how to write enforceable decrees. The attorneys at the Riddell Law Group in the Sarasota area understand the importance of a solid will to the viability of their clients’ estate plans.

Avoidable Complications

There are frequent examples in the media of people who passed away without a will. Their estates end up in court and in the public eye, and many of them become tied up in a web of challenges to the estate. The court is left to apply state inheritance law which may not reflect the wishes of the deceased.

Another problem that can occur is when a will is not valid for legal execution. Reasons that a will may be invalid include:

  • Outdated – A newer, valid will exists
  • Holographic – a handwritten and unwitnessed document
  • Fails state requirements – provisions in the will are against state laws
  • Suspicion of fraud – through forgery or undue influence

A Straightforward Solution

The clear-cut way to safeguard the disbursal of your estate in the manner you want it done is to consult with a lawyer to draft a will that reflects your desires. Riddell Law group combines their client-centered service with the legal skill to make composing your will an uncomplicated experience.

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