Refinancing a home or commercial property is a major step that calls for careful analysis and evaluation of the deal in full view of your specific goals. Whether you are targeting a lower interest rate, a reduced mortgage payment, better overall terms, access to equity or another advantageous outcome, working with experienced counsel may be critical.

Led by Florida Bar Board-Certified real estate lawyer Jeff Riddell, members of our professional team have been immersed in the Sarasota market for more than 20 years. Whether we have served as your Sarasota real estate closing attorneys in the past or you want to make the most of your opportunity to choose your own representation this time around, we will provide refinancing guidance and closing services you can trust.

Additional Office In Venice: Refinancing Attorneys You Can Trust To Protect Your Interests

We work on a close personal level with each client we serve. Focused squarely on protection of your interests, we will:

  • Take the time to discuss and fully understand your refinancing objectives
  • Thoroughly analyze the terms of the loan offer — or multiple offers — you are considering and explore whether better alternatives may be available
  • Help ensure that you have a firm grasp of all loan terms, closing costs and any associated risks in order to prevent unpleasant surprises
  • Negotiate on your behalf as needed to secure the most favorable refinancing possible
  • Assist you with all other aspects of the process promptly, thoroughly and efficiently

Consider Our Experience And Credentials When You Choose Counsel

Lenders often refer refinancing applicants to closing and title agents they work with on an ongoing basis. You are paying for these services and have every right to choose your own counsel. For a consultation to discuss what we can accomplish for you, please contact us at the Riddell Law Group.