Do I need permits when remodeling my home?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Real Estate

A home remodel can be a stressful situation. But it can become even more upsetting when you learn you have to undo your work or pay large fines because you failed to get the proper permits.

According to the City of Sarasota Building Division, you may need a permit for certain projects, and it is your responsibility to make sure you secure the permits before you begin remodeling your home.

Exterior remodels

If you want to make changes to the outside of your home, such as replacing the doors or windows, then you will need a permit. You must complete an application explaining the doors and windows you will replace.

Interior remodels

Changes to the inside of your home also require a permit application. You need to provide floor plans showing the electrical layout and note any electrical changes. If you are not doing electrical, then you just need to note what changes you will make.

Kitchen remodels

Again, you need a permit that will show any electrical work and note any other changes you will make. You need to provide reports on the extent of the changes you will make. Also, note any water upgrades.

Bathroom remodels

Similar to the other interior remodeling projects, you need a permit. Your application must note electrical and water changes. You need to make sure you also note any additions of walls or fixtures.

Your best option when you seek to remodel your home is to check with the building department to ensure you do not need a permit. If you do, then you need to get the permit in place before you begin any work.