Key title issues you need to watch for

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Purchasing a new house can be exciting, particularly if you are a first-time homebuyer. You hope the process will go smoothly, but problems with the title can add significant complications.

As you search for your next home, here are key title issues you should watch for.


A bank or other entity may place a lien on a property when the owner has unpaid debts. This gives the lender a claim on the property. The only way to remove the lien is by repaying the debt.

Public record mistakes

A property deed is a publicly filed document that contains information about a property, including ownership details and boundaries. Mistakes on the deed can cause you to misunderstand what exactly you are purchasing. Additionally, such errors can cost time and financial resources to correct.

Boundary disputes

Unclear boundaries or conflicting surveys can lead to expensive and time-consuming disputes with a neighbor or public entity.

Forgeries and fraud

Forged deeds can impact your possession of the house you purchased. Additionally, a seller may use fraudulent documents to fake ownership of a home in an attempt to steal your money.

Unknown heirs

Sometimes when a person dies, it can be difficult to find the beneficiaries listed in their will. After you purchase a home, a missing heir could step forward with an ownership claim on the property.

The impact of these issues can range from minor to devastating. Fortunately, there are steps you take to protect yourself, including purchasing title insurance and practicing due diligence and caution.