What do Florida home sellers have to disclose about a property?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Real Estate

When you buy a home in Florida, you want to feel confident that the home is inhabitable and safe for use. Because some home defects and hazards may not be visible to the naked eye, Florida has certain real estate disclosure rules in place mandating what a home seller has to tell you before you buy.

Per Florida Realtors, a home seller has a legal obligation to inform you about the following.

Whether there are radon risks

Radon is a naturally occurring but potentially harmful radioactive gas found in many Florida homes. A home seller has to supply you with a radon gas disclosure so that you understand the radon-related risks that come with purchasing a particular property.

Whether there are material facts impacting the home’s value

Florida home sellers also have to tell you about any facts or conditions that impact the value of the property when you are unable to observe them yourself. Examples of conditions that may fall under this umbrella include leaking roofs or HVAC issues, among other possibilities.

Whether there are any pending code enforcement actions

A Florida home seller also has a legal obligation to tell you if any code enforcement actions are pending against a home you are thinking about buying. There are specific rules associated with how and when he or she must supply you with this information.

If a Florida home seller fails to follow the state’s disclosure laws and you suffer a loss because of it, you may be able to attempt to hold him or her accountable.