Protecting your estate with a trustworthy executor

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Estate Planning

Finalizing your estate plan in Florida is just one part of protecting what is important to you. Equally as detrimental is naming an executor who you trust.

Your executor upholds the responsibility to act on your behalf and make decisions that meet your expectations. Understanding the characteristics of an individual who can respectfully undertake this task can help you to feel confident in your decision.

Managing the money

Regardless of your wealth, you will want someone to manage your estate who has a positive track record of money management. Your executor should understand the strategy behind your financial decisions and commit to doing things your way even if he or she has a different opinion. You will want someone who you can trust will use your money for its intended purposes and not engage in deceptive practices.

Respecting the people

The people you name as beneficiaries in your estate hold significance in your life. You care about them and their future and have personal reasons for sharing your estate with them. As such, you will want an executor who will treat the people you care about with kindness and respect. According to the Washington Post, look for someone who has the qualities of a mediator.

Choose someone who has characteristics including objectivity and empathy. You should have confidence that the person you choose will carry on your legacy and encourage your beneficiaries to do the same. Selecting the right person to be your executor can add value to your carefully coordinated estate plan. At any point, you can select someone else to assume executor duties if circumstances change and you no longer feel comfortable with your original choice.