How important are home inspections before a purchase?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2020 | Real Estate

As you prepare to move, you may ask yourself if a home inspection for your new place of living is really necessary.

However, unexpected and costly issues may occur if you choose to forgo this process.

Issues and fixes

According to FindLaw, professionals look for a wide variety of potential problems during an inspection. An inspector will often check the toilets, windows, chimneys and even the attic to make sure it is all in working shape and can spot hidden issues that real estate agents may not be able to see.

Inside and out

Even if it appears sound from the outside, a home can often have termites, rodents or unsafe walls. Other internal problems can easily evade the naked eye until after you have already purchased and lived in the home for months.

Issues like radon in a basement and structural problems in a roof can be tough to repair after a purchase. Water leaks or problems with your deck can occur in houses that take a lot of weather damage from storms, particularly for high-risk areas. Checking for hidden mold can also prevent future health problems.


Many people may skip these inspections because of the extra cost. However, having an unbiased third party examine the house before agreeing on a deal can help potentially save you time and money if there are any defects.

Getting a referral from your realtor for a certain inspector may be beneficial, since realtors have a financial stake in the sale of the house. Looking for qualified and certified members of a home inspection organization can help ensure that you are getting unbiased and professional advice.