Is a family member the best option for an executor?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Estate Planning

As a Florida resident working on your estate plan, the first step is to choose an executor. Your gut instinct may have you leaning toward a family member. After all, it is important for an executor to get along with you. You know your family members best, too.

But is a family member always the best option? In some cases, is it better to rely on someone outside of your family?

Professionalism in executors

Forbes discusses some of the ways you can choose a good executor for your estate. Often, a family member does check the boxes. But in others, things do not work out in this way. You need to make sure your pick for an executor fits everything you are looking for on a personal level.

And what things should you look for? This differs from person to person. But there are some things that should stay the same for everyone. For example, an executor should handle the responsibility of their position well. It helps if they have experience leading big projects. Leadership and organizational skills are important. People skills are also important.

Sharing principles with your executor

On top of that, your executor must understand how much time and energy this will take. Probate is a long process. It often takes years to fully finish. They must have the fortitude to see it through to the end. This means people with big life changes in the works may not make a great pick.

And of course, you and your executor should stay on the same page. It helps if they have the same core values and principles as you. If a family member fits these categories, you can rely on them. Otherwise, you may want to look among other loved ones.