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If you manage real estate properties in Florida, chances are you have dealt with difficult tenants before. Despite your effort to attract your ideal renter, clarify your expectations and develop trust, sometimes a challenging renter may lessen your desire to be a landlord.

Whether you have worked with renters before or are just beginning to establish rental properties, understanding how to build rapport and relationships with your tenants may optimize your success.

Marketing is your friend

Advertising your property to potential renters is an excellent opportunity for you to disclose your expectations as a landlord. Take advantage of this opportunity and be frank in stating your requirements and rental policies. Include this same information in the rental contract to provide your tenants with a reference if common questions arise. In your marketing, you may discuss aspects including HOAs, amenities, location and desirability in an effort to attract responsible and loyal tenants. Professionalism and honesty in your advertisement are appealing to a lot of renters.

Forming beneficial relationships

According to, some strategies you can use in developing good relationships with your tenants include the following:

  • Practice professionalism in your interactions and communication with your tenants.
  • Introduce your property with enthusiasm and be welcoming and informative to start the relationship off on a positive note.
  • Recognize that some situations may require flexibility and do your best to be empathetic and fair.
  • Maintain thorough documentation of all communication between you and your tenants.

Your willingness to be transparent, friendly, professional and genuine may benefit you as you look for ideal tenants. Your effort may also encourage loyalty from your renters. If you would like to learn more about the legalities of real estate, visit our webpage.