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Renting has an advantage over homeownership in one main area. When you rent, your landlord must take care of repairs and maintenance for the most part. When you own your home, you have to handle all of this. That can be expensive, and it is one of the top reasons why people decide to rent instead of buy.

The Florida Statutes explain your landlord must adhere to all laws pertaining to health and safety when it comes to maintaining your rental unit. At a minimum, he or she needs to ensure that your home does not have structural issues or problems with major systems. There are also some specific requirements for your landlord when it comes to maintenance.

Window screens

When you move in, your landlord must make sure all windows have screens that are free of damage. Your landlord must also make repairs to screens at least once a year.


Your landlord is responsible for ensuring your home is free of pests, such as bed bugs, roaches, mice, and ants. He or she does not have to provide you with accommodations if you must leave the property for extermination, but your landlord must give you a written notice seven days in advance.

Final note

One thing to keep in mind is that even when the law requires your landlord to maintain some part of your rental or some aspect, such as pest management, if your actions lead to the issue, then this absolves your landlord of the responsibility. For example, if you caused damage to the window screens, then you will have to replace them, not your landlord.