If you intend to enter a lease agreement, you likely have important questions and concerns that are best addressed by an attorney versed in all aspects of Florida real estate and property law. At the Riddell Law Group, we have decades of experience advising and representing property owners, business owners and prospective tenants on both commercial and residential leasing matters.

Leases are contracts that take many forms. Some contain complex terms and conditions tailored to either party’s specific needs. Whether you are a property owner preparing to rent out land or building space, a business owner who wants to ensure a lease is as favorable to you as possible, or an individual with residential leasing concerns, we will actively protect your interests.

Comprehensive Lease Reviews And Full-Service Representation

Led by Jeff Riddell, one of a select group of attorneys who is board-certified in real estate law by The Florida Bar, our firm is well-equipped to:

  • Advise lessors on matters such as the types of leases appropriate for their properties, terms, risks and enforceability
  • Review and analyze lease agreements thoroughly in full view of our clients’ goals, identifying and addressing issues with the potential to cause problems during the lease term
  • Represent lessors and tenants in lease negotiations
  • Handle notices, the eviction process and select other landlord-tenant issues on behalf of landlords and commercial lessees engaged in leasing disputes

Do You Need A Lease Negotiation Lawyer In Venice Or Any Area Community?

You can count on our professional team for prompt attention and clear guidance before you sign a lease — or to address your concerns if you are engaged in a dispute with a commercial or residential tenant. To request a consultation with a knowledgeable Sarasota commercial and residential lease lawyer, please call or email us anytime.